Live Oak Pilates & Wellness

Love Notes

from our clients


Jim and Jennifer Stein run a top notch Pilates Studio. They are the best of the best in the latest teaching instruction, safety, and fun. The workouts never get boring or disappoint. I told Jim he can NEVER move as I am doing Pilates till I die. Jim has been wonderful working around my various injuries over the years, i.e., fractured ankle, sprained wrist or pulled lower back muscles. I just say “Jim, work around my injuries and help me strengthen the parts of me that are working well.” My Internist, Physical Therapist and Ob/Gyn doctors say Pilates is one of the best things I can do for my body. 

Thank you Jim and Jennifer Stein for improving and maintaining my quality of life.
— Sharon Peruffo

Pilates has become to me a necessity rather than just exercise for muscle and back tension relief. And to it top it off - I get a great work out!! Jim is so qualified and caring. He truly is a gem in his field. I can’t recommend him enough.
— Chari Koester
At 70 years old, my husband and I would not be playing golf, jogging, swimming, playing with our grandchild and living a full life without Live Oak Pilates twice a week to keep us stretched and strong.
— Sybil and Jim Raney

Turning 75, my degenerative disc disease had definitely gotten the better of me. Leaving no stone unturned, going from orthopedists to pain management to neurosurgeons, physical therapists, even acupuncturists, I thought I had exhausted all avenues to any relief from the ever escalating back pain. BUT Pilates was the answer for me. I have been practicing Pilates with Jennifer Stein twice a week for 15 years now. Today I am 91, still pain free, still going to Pilates twice a week, counting Jennifer as my savior, but equally important, my friend.
— Patricia McMillan

Throughout the years I have worked with many trainers in my life. Exercise is a necessary part of living a healthy life. As a traditional naturopath, and having studied both modern dance and jazz from high school to college I know the value of working with a skilled and competent trainer. Jim Stein is the best Pilates trainer I have ever worked with. He understands the body so well. Working with Jim, I have improved my strength and balance.
— Beth Carpenter

Live Oak Pilates and Wellness provides excellent Pilates training in a clean and beautiful studio run by well – qualified and experienced staff.
— Mary Reagan
I wholeheartedly recommend Jim Stein as a Pilates instructor. Jim has great skills and a beautiful positive attitude. I go twice weekly to strengthen and restore my body, mind and spirit.
— Janis Claflin LMFT

Before beginning Pilates, I used to half-jokingly say that I had no core.  Having undergone a C- section, I despaired that those muscles were gone forever. After training with Dylan, I learned that recovery of muscle strength is possible, and I learned it in a nurturing environment. Each session is personal, and he asks about any aches or pains I might have (I usually don’t have those anymore! ), so that the work out can be tailored to my well being each day. The instructors at Live Oak Pilates teach correct moves gently, allowing each student to advance at his/her own pace and abilities. Dylan is patient, observant, and offers continuous structure and guidance. As a result of his sessions, I am stronger, happier and more fit.
— Sandi Schindel

Jim has been my Pilates instructor for three years. I consider myself very lucky to benefit from his deep knowledge of the form, and his intuitive sense of how to push my limits while accommodating my aches and pains of the day. The Live Oak studio is very well set up, and Jim makes each day interesting and challenging by interchanging equipment. As a true believer in the benefits of Pilates, my sessions with Jim are a necessity. The icing on the cake is that he and Jennifer are two of the finest people I know and a joy to spend time with.
— Susan Flowers

Pilates can give amazing results when your instructor is competent...and caring! I have been working with Jennifer for the past 14 years and it changed my life! Together we fight my severe Arthritis and the stiffness that comes with age. Without her care I would not be able to live my life the way I do. Her sessions help so much… physically and mentally.
— Marie Ertle
Jennifer’s knowledge of the human body and her understanding of injuries and physical challenges is superb. She is adept at reading my body’s needs once we begin each session. The benefits of these sessions are positively evident in my daily life. It is truly a joy to have worked with her for eight years!
— Mary Walcutt

Over the last two years, Jennifer Stein has shepherded me from avid equestrienne to non-riding partner-walking, and for this I am deeply grateful. Went from living for dressage to caring for others’ aging horses and delightful morning walks with my husband. Never thought this would happen, but thanks to Pilates and Jennifer, I am growing old with far more grace than anyone would have believed possible. Cannot say enough good things about Pilates and Jennifer and Jim’s studio.
— Anne Cuddeback