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Creative • Purposeful • Heart centered


Jennifer Stein

I love my life and what I do.

Teaching clients to move with less pain, educating them how to use movement and breath to build strong yet flexible bodies, creating a studio where happy people converge to exercise, learn, share stories and laugh… I couldn’t be more tickled with the creative, purposeful, heart centered life I am blessed to call my own. 

Personal tidbits…

I am married to probably one of the nicest, kindest guys on the planet. I love that he makes me laugh, laugh, laugh. I cherish our 3 kids, loving extended family and 2 chiweenies - cute puppy brothers that we rescued from the shelter. Gardening, the arts, volunteering at my kids’ schools, taking long hikes in nature or strolls in my neighborhood, traveling, and long visits with family… are all the stuff of my very blessed life. 

I have been studying movement and how the body moves optimally for more than 35 years.

Prior to being a Pilates teacher, mother, and co-founder of Live Oak Pilates & Wellness, I was a professional ballerina with Indianapolis Ballet Theater, Atlanta Ballet, and Ballet Austin.

I received my Pilates certification under the tutelage of Joseph Pilates successor and protege Romana Kryzanowska, my 200-hour Yoga certification under Viniyoga teacher and yoga therapist, Sadani Houtz at Yoga Yoga, and my 500-hour Yoga certification and extensive additional Yoga Therapy training with Yoga Therapy master and author Gary Kraftsow.

I love drawing upon the many tools I have acquired to help clients reach their optimal movement and wellness potential.


The benefits of these sessions are positively evident in my daily life. It is truly a joy to have worked with Jennifer for eight years!


Jim Stein

My Pilates teaching comes from my desire to understand how the body works and the benefits of movement. I first started practicing Pilates in college to help my ballet training. Throughout my professional dance career, I relied on Pilates to keep me centered, strong, and flexible.

Supplementing my dancing with Pilates to stay healthy and in peak form worked well for me as I was able to enjoy a 20 year dance career as a principal dancer with both the Atlanta Ballet and Ballet Austin. My wonderful dance career enabled me to perform on stages all around the world and also introduced me to my beautiful wife.

I was certified in the Pilates Method in 1999 under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska. I was drawn to the similarities between Pilates and classical Ballet… alignment, structure, and discipline. Utilizing my BA in Dance Pedagogy from Butler University, I have melded my dance background with my Pilates teaching.

I am grateful for the life I share with my lovely wife, Jennifer. Our three very active children keep us busy when we are not at the studio. I am thankful to all of our clients for sharing their time and energy with us.

I enjoy working with all body types to keep people healthy and moving with ease.


Jim Stein is the best Pilates trainer I have ever worked with. He understands the body so well. Working with Jim, I have improved my strength and balance.
— Beth Carpenter

Lauryn Sires | Live Oak Pilates & Wellness

Lauryn Sires

Welcome to Live Oak Pilates. I began my Pilates practice on the advice of my doctor. Following an MRI, it was confirmed that I had a tight IT band, commonly known as runner’s knee. Ironically, I am not a runner! I was told that I needed to become more flexible and it was recommended that I begin a yoga or Pilates practice. Pilates intrigued me and so it began. 

I was fascinated by the movement, how my strength, flexibility and endurance grew from a consistent practice. The movement was seemly insignificant but had enormous effects. I drove my instructors crazy with questions. So, I finally enrolled in the Pilates certification program with Power Pilates. In 2004 I was certified. Since that time, I’ve helped clients regain strength following injuries, improved the flexibility of athletes and conditioned all to prevent injury.

My clients are generally 40 years old and up. They all have unique issues and strengths. I try to adapt my style to play to their strengths and work on their issues, gently. Using the Pilates principles, I help clients stay balanced throughout the day. Ultimately it is my goal that our sessions be challenging, progressive and fun.

By focusing on the movement and breath, you leave your stress behind. You will walk out taller, stronger and more focused than how you entered. 


I have been working with Lauryn for 3 years since my physical therapist referred me. I’ve recovered and grown stronger. She is absolutely wonderful!
— Abby Ryan

Dylan Cameron | Live Oak Pilates & Wellness

Dylan Cameron

Dylan first discovered Pilates in 2003 when he began regularly attending mat classes. Originally interested in conditioning his core to enhance his abilities as a musician, he immediately noticed a parallel between the experience of great music and great Pilates. After many reformer sessions and countless more mat classes at The Hills Fitness center, Dylan was offered a position as a mat instructor before even completing his first teacher training. Well spoken and sincerely interested in the needs of others, he was a natural teacher and knew this was something he wanted to be more deeply involved with. Dylan then completed his mat certification at Telos fitness center in Dallas in 2007 and his comprehensive apparatus training at Body Springs in Austin shortly after. He continued working at The Hills until it's closing in 2016, gaining experience training a wide range of individuals with a diverse range of needs. This is also where he met Jim Stein and continued to learn advanced techniques, and to practice their application on a variety of new students. 

As an instructor Dylan is patient, attentive, and present, and will not hesitate to try new approaches or or techniques to break through mental blocks.

It is always Dylan's goal that a client experiences the session fully and feels a strong sense of their core. Having suffered two severe whiplash injuries, Dylan knows how to modify the classical movements of the Pilates method to suit those with the most special of needs, but being a competitive musician and fitness enthusiast, he is equally capable of providing rigorous, challenging, and dynamic Pilates training that will actually make you sweat!

A native Austinite from a multi-generational musical family, Dylan enjoys traveling, performing, and is also a published recording artist in the electronic dance music genre. 


After training with Dylan, I learned that recovery of muscle strength is possible, and I learned it in a nurturing environment. Dylan is patient, observant and offers continuous structure and guidance. As a result of his sessions, I am stronger, happier and more fit.
— Sandi Schindel